Hide your mouse cursor in Windows for ALL applications (even Visual Studio)

Although Windows already has an option to hide the mouse cursor whilst typing, which can be found under Control Panel/Mouse, this is respected on a ‘per application’ basis.

Unfortunately, many applications, such as Visual Studio, do not respect this setting, and leave the mouse cursor visible whilst typing.

This can be quite annoying, as one tends to type exactly where one clicked, i.e., where the mouse cursor currently is, and especially in the case of developers, the IDE is particularly rich, meaning that the mouse cursor will normally also activate tooltips related to the item they are hovering over.

This is a small script I have written and compiled using AutoHotKey that hides the windows cursor when a user starts typing any alphanumeric (and certain coding-related) characters, and shows it again as soon as a mouse movement is detected.

You can either get the latest executable from here, or you can run it as an AutoHotKey script by downloading the AutoHotKey utility from here

You can find the project landing page here, and my github repository here.


2 thoughts on “Hide your mouse cursor in Windows for ALL applications (even Visual Studio)

  1. Hey Stefan,

    I’ve been looking for something like this for the last little bit. Haven’t tried it yet, but I haven’t done so for other reasons. One in particular I’ve been looking for an alternative to Autohidemouse cursor. I am running a special program on my window clients, yet right in the middle the mouse cursor does not disappear even when I run the above mention program. Just wondering if there is a simple modification that can be done to your executable to hide the mouse pointer all the time. Since the Windows client is not being used as a standard computer, I’m just looking for a script or program that will hide the mouse entirely!

    Look forward to your thoughts!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this script. .I’ve been wanting something like this forever. Works great in Windows 7 Pro SP1

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