Send web page to device using Google Chrome

(Note: This post applies to Google Chrome.  Similar alternatives exist for FireFox)

I’ve often been browsing the web and came across a site that needed to be loaded on one of my devices (such as to download an app).

Copying the URL can be cumbersome, so I needed a solution for this annoying task.

Solution 1

The first solution I had come across, and have been using, is a QR Code Generator for Google Chrome… which can be found here ->

The way this works, is that on any page you would generate a QR code for the current page, and then just use a QR Code scanner to scan the URL to your phone.

Step 1: Right-Click, and select ‘Generate QR Code’

Generate a QR Code
Generate a QR Code

Step 2: Scan the generated QR Code with your phone… and voilà :)

Scan the generated QR Code
Scan the generated QR Code

This solution is a bit cumbersome, but less cumbersome than actually copying the URL to your phone (or emailing/texting/gtalking it to your phone).

Solution 2

The second solution I found is even better!  This works similarly to the ‘other devices’ option in chrome, but with far less clicks.

Install the chrome to mobile plugin ->

Once this is done, a nice little icon will appear in your address bar.

Chrome to Mobile
Chrome to Mobile

This will show a pop-up with all your devices that are connected to your google account.

Send to device
Send to device

Once you do this, a push-notification (for iOS only, Android just goes straight to the page) is sent to your device (the device must have chrome installed)… select this, and bingo… you’re now browsing the page on your device.

iPhone Notification
iPhone Notification
iPad Notification
iPad Notification

Note: This will not work for Windows Phone (since there is no Chrome browser at the time of writing)… but the QR Code solution will work ;)


Change default google search country in Google Chrome browser

Chrome can be quite annoying at times for people who travel a lot.  In whatever country I visit, chrome insists on changing the default site to the localized version.

Now in my case, I cannot read Arabic, or German… or most of the native languages for the countries I visit… so I hate it when the google site I use changes.

Also, some features are only available on … so why bother with the rest?

It turns out that it is actually quite easy to change the default search country for Google Chrome.

If you are using windows, launch your ‘Run‘ dialog by doing the following

  • Close your Chrome browser
  • Press WIN+R (that’s ‘keep the windows key next to your alt key pressed, and hit the letter R)
  • Type in the following
    notepad %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Local State
  • Now look for “last_known_google_url” and “last_prompted_google_url” and change the value next to both to read “” (or whichever version you want)
  • Save the file and restart Chrome… and, voilà… all sorted :)
If you are not using Chrome, but are using Firefox, IE or any other browser, there’s an alternative solution here
I hope someone finds this handy :)