How to disable country redirect for all browsers

Further to my last post, on how to change the default google country redirect, I found a really good way if you want google to stop redirecting you to the version for the country that you are in.

Quite simply, just point your browser to (<- yes click on it)

This will quite simply set a cookie in your browser which will stop google from redirecting you… and will make you ‘stick’ to

(This is for my friend Grzegorz :) Since he asked me about this for FireFox this morning)

Hope it helps!


Change default google search country in Google Chrome browser

Chrome can be quite annoying at times for people who travel a lot.  In whatever country I visit, chrome insists on changing the default site to the localized version.

Now in my case, I cannot read Arabic, or German… or most of the native languages for the countries I visit… so I hate it when the google site I use changes.

Also, some features are only available on … so why bother with the rest?

It turns out that it is actually quite easy to change the default search country for Google Chrome.

If you are using windows, launch your ‘Run‘ dialog by doing the following

  • Close your Chrome browser
  • Press WIN+R (that’s ‘keep the windows key next to your alt key pressed, and hit the letter R)
  • Type in the following
    notepad %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Local State
  • Now look for “last_known_google_url” and “last_prompted_google_url” and change the value next to both to read “” (or whichever version you want)
  • Save the file and restart Chrome… and, voilà… all sorted :)
If you are not using Chrome, but are using Firefox, IE or any other browser, there’s an alternative solution here
I hope someone finds this handy :)