Where is XamlPad? How can I download it?

If any of you are like me, you may have read some book, or some blog, that refers to a seemingly obscure little utility called XamlPad.

I read that this was included with the .NET Framework 3.0 SDK… so, I searched high and low… but XamlPad continued to elude me.

Further research showed that XamlPad is no more, surprisingly (or not*) due to Microsoft having a lack of resources.

There are though a few alternatives running around in the wild:

  • XamlPadX – created by a WPF team member (Lester Lobo) and full of bells and whistles ->fetch
  • XAML Cruncher – a ClickOnce application (neat), created by Charles Petzold (haven’t heard of him? Shame on you!) ->fetch
  • Kaxaml – Robby Ingebretsen’s offering (ex WPF team member) ->fetch

* well, I say ‘or not’ here since even if Microsoft do have LOTS of developers, they are also pretty busy nowadays, so I am not surprised that a teeny tool like this would be pushed aside, considering that there are comparable maintained tools out on the market already.